BMW 530
сargo сapacity
engine displacement
gas mileage
56 000₸ + per day
TwinTurbo 322LC
2020 vehicle year
530i X-drive
  • 80 000 ₸
    1-2 days
  • 72 000 ₸
    3-6 days
  • 64 000 ₸
    7-14 days
  • 56 000 ₸
    15 days +
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The car has acquired a faceted grille, which makes it more presentable and expensive looking. The bumper received enlarged side air intakes, four-barrel exhaust system, has a bassy sound (with shoot-offs when driving). Each new element of the BMW 530i G30 speaks of the manufacturer's desire to please you with more perfect findings that will make your car stand out. The interior now features sport seats, as well as a multi steering wheel. These solutions are designed to make driving the vehicle more comfortable. Additionally, the restyled model is equipped with the BMW iDrive 7 multimedia system, which can give you a great mood while driving. Support for Apple Car Play, Android auto.
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